Youth Road Safety Animated Informational Video

Script, storyboard, planning, graphic design, animation

I was commissioned to create a 2-minute animated and voiced-over video about traffic and pedestrian safety, whose target audience was adult guardians of local youth. This video was part of an informational campaign project partnership between a non-profit organization and a local government.

After attending the campaign brief meeting, I wrote the script in local language, and drew the accompanying storyboard used for the video.

I coordinated with the project head for the team’s multiple updates and edits. This ensured that at every step, my output matched the campaign’s goals.

Once the plans were finalized, I proceeded in producing the video. I collected and customized the elements, which included logos, graphics, text copy, background music, and voice-over audio. I then created the animation via Animaker.

The final clip was aired at a local government event, and was used throughout the team’s social media informational campaign.

Check it out below (with English subtitle):