Hello there!

I’m Aleli, a multi-disciplinary communicator. Welcome to my design portfolio featuring some of my favorite work.

I’m a lifelong learner keen on developing related skills and contributing to educational and instructional campaigns’ effectiveness.

I strive to make my works inviting and easy to understand for my intended audience.
Like the groups I try to work with, I value heartfelt and quality relationships and service.

Let’s get historical

I graduated with a degree in communications research but decided to pursue my interest in graphic design and visual communication.

My technical skills are mostly self-learned and gained out of necessity and experience over the years.

I’ve worked at an online advertising agency and education startups, and also freelanced social media marketing, web and graphic design, and copywriting.

For a few years I also founded and ran a small business with a partner, doing clothing retail and corporate design and supply. With it I took home the priceless education of understanding business operations and the importance of figuring out a good work-life balance 🙂

Over the years, I tried to conform myself into exact job “roles” or labels to best explain what I do, and find use for my varying work experience and interests. It was challenging to find this and it wasn’t always the best fit.

Eventually I realized that I felt most fulfilled with work that had overlapping creative responsibilities and an educational bent.

This was how I discovered the e-learning field. It got me curious because it coincidentally combined my skill set and interests. Later, life experiences and finally the pandemic also drove me to rediscover how I can make a difference through my work, and that’s what I was hoping to find in this field 🙂

I currently work at an education startup handling things from graphic design, online technical and administrative tasks, and learning management system management (Moodle). I’m open to opportunities where I can learn structure and experience other kinds of projects.

Beyond work

Outside screen time or when I’m not making my way through my (Kindle) book pile, I try to experience as much of life out in nature. Be it doing hobbies or hanging out with friends and family (or pets).

I used to be an avid and early adopter of technology (ie the Internet) in my younger years. Nowadays I find myself leaning more into the comforts of slower, old-school, handcrafted, “manual” things. Like long-form writing, reading, DIY crafting, gardening, and running and travelling/hiking when resources permit it. I also get engrossed in a video game every now and then 😉

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