Shirts Supplier Business and Identity

Business Development, Creative Direction

I co-founded this locally registered small business with a partner where we supplied customized t-shirts for events (this business is no longer operational).

Besides being the shirt designer, I got to handle pretty much everything else in running the business–product creation, coordinating with suppliers and staff, delivering the products, setting up stalls at events, selling the shirts, dealing with corporate clients, documentation and bookkeeping, social media, etc.. 🙂

I’m adding it here in my portfolio as an branding identity project, since I also came up with the logo and all other published collateral for this business. The logo had to look legible when it’s printed as a tag, but it also has to be flexible enough to become an element in marketing collaterals. I thought of creating it as a raster/frame-like element so I can change the photos inside as needed. Our market was both in corporate and retail sectors, under the millenial working age, and across genders. I think the branding captured the youthful image of the business that we wanted.

A sample of how we handled ordering (poster also my design):