RH Business Website

Website creation, editorial content maintenance, graphic design

I setup and currently maintain this WordPress-based website for a local start-up education business.

This was a monumental project for me because I knew that it would help set the footing of this business in its local competitive industry.

I was solo handling this project under a limited startup budget, so I couldn’t deny the overwhelm that I felt at the beginning 😅

The founder wanted a one-stop-shop site outside of their social media presence, where content tend to get buried and disorganized quickly. A website was a good solution to establish their professionalism, and also let potential students find the information they needed more quickly.

It also was crucial that the site felt both professional and friendly, since this is the type of learning that they were encouraging in their community.

My work involved website back-end (domain and server setup, and installing the WordPress content management system), to customizing the template to reflect the business branding (web design and branding), to compiling, enhancing photos.. to requesting, editing, and setting up various types of article content (blog entries, coaches’ write-ups, testimonials, posters).

There were plenty of detours and improvements. I was able to immediately include along the way since I was setting things up on my own.

Overall, I felt satisfied with this site and how the information was compiled and presented as intended. I felt that it had the potential to grow, along with the business. As I was planning it, I also considered for its maintenance sustainability in the future (such as when other staff handles it), which was why I used WordPress and created templates for use later on.

We’re adding improvements as needed, and hoping that the way is up from here on!

Check it out at revyouhub.com