Blue Motivation Poster Series

Graphic design

This set was commissioned by a manager of a local business process outsourcing office. Since their floor was newly opened, he wanted to add a touch of personality and positivity with framed posters as a subtle and passive morale boost for his team.

The team selected and provided me with these quotations. I had to strictly work within the color scheme of their branding manual, though I had the freedom to interpret it visually. I decided to go with typography play and minimalist elements. I thought it looked professional yet young and modern enough to be relevant to their mostly millenial-aged group.

Here are some posters from the 11-piece set commission:

I had fun with this because this is a new color scheme for me, as I’m usually going for the colorful saturated hues. I enjoy experimenting with typography shapes too. I’m happy how these came out printed and framed and how it added some life to their office.

Since photos are not allowed in their office, here are mockups of what they look like framed: