MG Informational Graphics Kit

Graphic design, copy writing

As an in-house marketing team, I wrote the copy and designed this series of informational social media posters.

Potential students were flooding the company’s social media page with repeated questions, so we decided on making shareable and downloadable FAQ posters to save everyone’s time.

Although this information was already posted multiple times in various channels as text content, we noticed that image formats tended to stick better.

The posters proved useful because then-future students saved these images in their phones to show to parents or study sponsors.

Included in this set was the announcement that the office was under construction and will be temporarily moving to a nearby location.

The mascots were from a previous project that I collaborated on with another illustrator.

As social media posts, these were posted at staggered and different times throughout its marketing campaign use.

Looking back, we saved resources just by preparing info bits like this. We also saved confusion and unnecessary foot traffic due to the advance announcement of our office moving.